Our Lifetime Guarantee


We offer all our customers a Lifetime Guarantee covering defects in materials and workmanship for all of our closets for as long as you live in your home.

Limitations of Our Guarantee:

We want you to be so satisfied with your closet and our service way beyond the installation. All of our products are guaranteed. We guarantee our materials and installation for as long as your own your home.

This includes all parts and labor. If any part of your installed closet becomes damaged or unusable through normal and reasonable use, we will repair/replace those affected components at no charge to you.

This warranty is not transferable and will be considered void on any closet system that has been subject to unreasonable use or exposure, misuse, abuse or neglect, accidents as water or fire damage or improper modification by anyone other than Custom Closet Solution Store, reinstallation or relocation of the system after initial installation.

This warranty applies only if all components and parts are manufactured, supplied by and installed by Custom Closet Solution Store.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you are fully satisfied and enjoy your high quality custom designed storage for many years to come.